One of the biggest things that annoys me is people milking the benefits system. I don't mind those getting benefits who've contributed before or who genuinely can't work or need it, but this story really takes the p***.

In short, 3 sisters (12, 14 & 16) have each given birth within about a year. They live with their mum in a council house and then get £600 a week in benefits between the 3 girls. The article doesn't mention how much mum gets, but I'm sure she's getting quite a handsome benefits package too - the house they live in alone counts for a fair whack for starters. That's a nice big fat £2600 per month "bonus" the family gets just for pro-creating. Some hard working households with 2 full time employed people don't even get that before tax, let alone take home. No wonder people would rather sit at home, watching Sky (I don't even have Sky), milking the benefits system than getting off their fat arses and getting a job.

Those 3 girls have just joined the long list of people who'll (probably) never go out and get a job. They've just discovered how easy it is to get money for nothing... from ME (and all the UK taxpayers).

Ok, rant over.