So earlier this year, internationally renowned professor of sports medicine and qualified medical doctor, Tim Noakes, kicked off a bit of a stink by suggesting that a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet could offer a viable solution to heart disease in people with a carbohydrate-resistant (CR) metabolism (ie. those also prone to diabetes and heart disease).

I mentioned this in an earlier post and have now found an interesting video interview performed by The Skinny in which Tim discusses his findings.

It's quite an interesting video. One thing I wasn't aware of is what he calls the "four fatties": Bruce Fordyce, Shaun Meiklejohn, Oscar Chalupsky and himself. Other than Tim, the other 3 are well known top athletes who should never be fatties given their ongoing commitments to their chosen sports, however this wasn't the case, until recently. All four of them have seen a dramatic return to form after switching to a LCHF diet. To this list you can add my cousin, the lesser known SA-celeb, Simon Gear, who is now back under 20mins for 5k for the first time in a long long time thanks to the LCHF diet and and the even lesser known person: ME :-) . If you follow me on my running blog, you'll see I'd had tremendous improvements in my running this year which I partly attribute to switching to a LCHF diet.

So without further ado, here's the video. Enjoy.