I think someone may be very excited about being on TV today... Last night whilst lying in bed I got to feel our little one move in Claire's tummy for the first time. It was really exciting.

Naturally Claire's been feeling some little movements recently which apparently didn't feel much different from a rumbly tummy and given all the activity taking place in that region, it's quite possible some of the baby's movement may have been misinterpreted and vice-versa, but not last night. That was most definitely baby movement. Naturally I was intrigued and quite excited by this and wanted more. Being the fun dad-to-be I am, I played my first game with our baby: Tappy-Tap Tumble. I gently tap mummy's tummy and the baby tumbles. And indeed it did. It was great fun.

Later this afternoon we're off to see the nice lady with the fancy camera so our little one will be making their second TV appearance, and will be posing for another photo. We also get to find out if we should be thinking of boy's names or girl's names. I'll get the next pic up as soon as I can.