A 2 year old boy has been cautioned by police for driving his 2.5 mph toy car on the pavement without an MoT or road tax - how bloody stupid. The policeman warned the youngster's grandfather as his toy contravenes the Road Traffic Act of 1998 which specifies any mechanically-propelled vehicle has to be registered with the DVLA, have insurance, and tax, with the exception of electrically-propelled pedal cycles, electric wheelchairs and certain classes of mobility scooters.

I've always thought this law is a bit antiquated, even if it was only last revised in 1998. Times change, things like the Segway come along, and the only exceptions are there to keep the elderly happy - ever seen a young person (legitimately) on a mobility scooter? Nope? Neither have I. I'm not having a dig at the elderly who's lives have been enhanced by these mobility scooters, but rather the government who are not moving with the times.

The government is continually bitching about congestion on the roads, and something like the Segway (when they become cheaper) are ideal tools to combat the congestion and help the environment too. Imagine the UK roads "growing" cycle lanes. Then imagine these cycle lanes filled with cyclists (naturally) and Segways - what a wonderful place.

One day the government will wake up to the modern world and change the law, until then, I'll just have to dream about getting a Segway (No point getting one if I'm going to be fined everytime I use it - even IF I could afford one) or move to the US (not likely either).