If you're using Internet Explorer 6, as most visitors to my site do, then you will notice that things look a lot better around here.

I reinstalled Windows on my laptop and spent the best part of this morning sorting out all the issues with my site that caused it looked horrible on Internet Explorer. If you're not sure what has changed, this list should help:

  • The logo should no longer show that horrible light blue background
  • you should see a little inverted triangle under the currently selected page
  • hovering over one of the menu items should now show a larger upright triangle
  • you should be able to see all 3 As in the top right corner
  • the items in the right menu should have bullets
  • text should no longer run right into images
  • centred images should actually be centred
  • you should see a raised page like effect at the top just below the logo and menu
  • the coloured boxes in my calendar should fill the whole width of each cell

If you don't see all of these changes, hold shift and click "reload" and check again.

Unfortunately, I do most of my developing on a Mac or Solaris which means I have absolutely no idea things look like on IE. Things are further complicated by the fact that IE 6 and lower have a lot of broken functionality, and don't completely follow standard. IE also has a habit of not actually implementing all the stuff other browsers do.

Whilst things around here aren't (and never will be) perfect in IE, at least there is some consistency now.