Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2005. May 2005 be a great year for you filled with all the joy and success you could ever want. Hopefully you've got all your resolutions lined up and planned and are on your way to fulfilling them.

With the start of the year came the usual SMS messages to everyone wishing them a great year etc etc. One of the replies I got was from my friend Leanne Southey (nee Morgan). Well, it's certainly going to be a very joyful 2005 for her and her husband... Leanne is currently 24 weeks pregnant and expecting her first little bundle of joy on 24 April this year.

I managed to wangle out of her that it's expected to be a little girl - Leanne's a bit dubious as she can't see it in the scan - however I couldn't get the name out of her... she's keeping that a surprise.

Other than that, 2005 has started well. Lets hope it stays this way, and ends that way. It's the year after my quarter century year, so I'm starting to feel a bit frail - best start saving for the wheelchair now :-D

I was going to have "update website regularily" as one of my resolutions, but I seem to have got into a bit of a habit now, so don't really need it... I guess I'll have to make it "keep updating website".

Once again, Happy New Year everyone.