What are the odds of kicking a rugby ball from 30 metres and hitting the crossbar deliberately? What are the odds of doing this in front of 46 000 people in the Wembley stadium? I'd say the odds would be against you considerably, however not for one lucky chap.

This was the challenge Saracens posed to the crowd at last week's game against South Africa (that's a bit of an oxymoron: Saracens aren't nicknamed "Saffacens" for nothing ;-) ) and they were hoping it would be an almost impossible challenge. They selected 3 people at random from all those that entered, and gave each of them 3 chances, in order, until someone got the money or they all had their chance, whichever came first.

Well, this chap hit the bar on his first attempt, and without any shoes on...

Now how's that for lucky. Shame the other peeps didn't get a chance.