Thursday night I wondered into the kitchen and happened to look out the window and I noticed this green light in the sky. I instantly, and quite excitedly thought to myself "Could this be the Aurora Borealis very far down over the south of the UK or some other phenomenon that caused the green clouds?"

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Green clouds spotted over Berkshire

This green section of the sky was definitely in a northerly direction from us, though given it was quite cloudy I'm doubtful it was the Aurora Borealis, especially as Aurora Watch didn't report any activity. It was probably something more realistic like a flood lit stadium (I'm not aware of any in that direction close enough to light up the sky for us to see), some geological phenomenon (most likely) or a UFO ;-) . I know the Aurora Borealis is meant to be visible a lot further south at times, but this far and with cloud cover? I'm doubtful. It was pretty none-the-less.

Anyone with any ideas?