The other day whilst stroking Claire's tummy and feeling our little one wriggle around inside, a rather random thought popped into my mind as I noticed Claire's slightly protruding belly button: what is on the other side of your belly button? I know what it, or more precisely what used to connect to your belly button, is used for during your development stages in your mummy's tummy, but what happens once you're born and the cord is snipped?

Well, I set to investigating this and found Wikipedia to be most useful...

Within a week of birth, the infant's umbilical vein is completely obliterated and is replaced by a fibrous cord called the round ligament of the liver. It extends from the umbilicus to the transverse fissure, where it joins with the ligamentum venosum to separate the left and right lobes of the liver.

So there's my answer: nothing really and the only signs of anything ever being connected is your belly button on the outside and a fibrous band around your liver on the inside with nothing between the two. I'm impressed. This body of ours is pretty impressive.