It's that time of year again: easter. The time of year where I search high and low for good spicy hot cross buns (like the ones I used to make when I worked in the bakery at Pick 'n Pay) only to be disappointed at the lack of spice, even in those advertised as "extra spicy". So this year, I've decided I'm going to make my own and so naturally turned to the web to see if I could find a nice spicy sounding recipe.

In my quest to find a satisfactory recipe, I stumbled upon a recipes page from Woolworths in South Africa (for those in the UK, Woolworths in SA is like M&S in the UK, right down to the use of the St Michael name/logo) and I must say, their attention to detail is amazing.

Fancy making Vetkoek and Bunny Chow (fluffy bunnies are not hurt in the making of this dish)? How's this for a recipe...

Vetkoek and Bunny Chow

Here is how:

  • Remove from packaging
  • Heat both items in the microwave
  • Simply dress it up with fresh coriander leaves and chopped, deseeded red chilli

Inspiring. How about some mini pizzas...

Mini Cheese and Tomato and Bacon and Mushroom Mini Pizzas

Here is how:

  • Remove and heat pizzas in an oven
  • Top with fresh rocket, parmesan shavings and sliced fresh strawberries


I think Woolworths need to save their web space and print this on the side of said products. These are serving suggestions, NOT recipes.