Dear Santa,

I've been a very very very good boy this year (accountability logs available on request). As I've been such a good boy, please please please please may I have a ride on the world's first commercial spacecraft - SpaceShipTwo - from Virgin Galactic for Christmas this year.


Bookings are being taken on the Virgin Galactic website, so I'll be more than pleased to enter my details as soon as you provide me with your credit card number. I'd book it sooner, but unfortunately the $20 000 deposit is a bit steep for me to stump up, especially if I can't be sure that you'll deliver (you've been known not to deliver in the past - yes, I am still waiting for the tickets for the T20 cricket World Cup). Alternatively, you can book for me (2x adults and 1x child) to save having to give your credit card details over to a relative stranger (I don't write nearly as much as I should).

Please be quick as SpaceShipTwo was officially launched on Monday, and with the tickets being reasonably priced for your average city banker, they're likely to be booked for a long long time to come (what else will these bankers spunk their great big bonuses on this year?).

Yours faithfully,

PS. Did I mention I've been a very very very good boy, AGAIN?
PPS. If Richard Branson wants to invite me to his island or game reserve, tick the island box please - I've been to South Africa plenty of times.